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Of all damages that can occur to a home, fire and smoke may be the most traumatic, especially if you were present during the fire. The last thing you need after the trauma of escaping a fire and seeing the home you love blackened beyond recognition is dealing with an insurance company trying to rubber stamp your settlement. Serving Philadelphia, our smoke and fire damage insurance claims specialists will handle the difficult process of valuing the damages to your home and ensuring you get full compensation from the insurance company.

Estimating Fire and Smoke Damage

How do you put a price tag on your home and possessions? Replacing some common items is merely a question of dollars, but unique or sentimental possessions require more care than just checking a box on a sheet. Furthermore, many homeowners underestimate the damages by not realizing that damage from smoke can be just as destructive as the flames were in the next room. Knowing what to claim and how much to claim for it is our specialty.

An Ally In Your Corner

A house fire is traumatic, and its aftermath can be just as hard to deal with. What the flames damaged or destroyed needs to be properly valued for your smoke and fire damage insurance claim. Our Philadelphia based appraisers are experts in identifying damage that may not be immediately apparent. Weakened walls or supports, misshapen doors and window frames, floors that are warped or buckled—we know what to look for, and we’ll find it all. We work for you, not the insurance company. Finding and assessing all of the damage is our job.

Smoke Damage

In some cases where fire is involved, smoke damage can make up a large part of your claim. Unlike flames that may have been contained to a single room, smoke can get into nearly every room of the house. Even the most fair insurance company adjuster may not be willing to go beyond the standard examination to identify all of the damage. That is where we come in. We won’t stop until everything from basement to ceiling has been evaluated properly for your smoke damage insurance claim. Contact our Philadelphia based appraisers today!

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Our experts at Pro Public Adjusters provide a viewpoint that works for you, not the insurance company. While the insurance company will offer an adjuster for free, remember that no one works for free. Their adjuster is paid by the insurance company. Even the most honest insurance company adjuster is just checking the boxes the company asked them to check. Ensure that your settlement is about more than just a checklist—contact our public insurance adjusters.