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Hail damage can be a very easy insurance claim. There was a hailstorm. It ruined your roof, and it needs to be replaced. Easy. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy to get a beneficial insurance settlement in the Philadelphia area. If you have to file a homeowners insurance claim for hail damage, your insurance company may come back with questions, like: Does your roof need replacing, or are repairs good enough? Was the roof already damaged? If the roof is being replaced, are all the proper steps being taken?


When it comes to hail damage insurance claims in Philadelphia or one of the surrounding communities, there should be only two questions: Was it damaged by hail, and what is the proper remedy? For such a simple situation, it may not seem that simple to the insurance company. Our public adjusters at Pro Public Adjusters have years of experience examining and determining the extent of hail damage. We can provide documentation that shows the full extent of the damage and demonstrate the damage was indeed caused by the recent hailstorm. We can document the age of the roof and what a proper replacement would entail, especially if the roof is old and needs more than a new layer to bring it up to code.

Policy Review

Hail and wind damage are the most common claims on insurance policies. As a result, insurance companies have sought to lessen their exposure to such claims, often with confusing results. Many homeowners insurance policies have a completely separate deductible for roof damage caused by hail than the regular policy deductible. There may be other conditions that alter otherwise policy-wide conditions. We are more than just experts in insurance claim estimates. We have years of experience with insurance policies and know how to get good insurance settlements in Philadelphia and beyond. We will make sure you understand what you are entitled to, and make sure the insurance company pays you that amount.

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When the workers come to fix your roof, there will be hammering, hammering, and more hammering. There is nothing we can do to help with that, but we can help ensure that dealing with the insurance company never gets that annoying. We will handle your claim process from beginning to end. We will put together the documentation, the estimate, and the paperwork for your hail damage insurance claim. Our Philadelphia based specialists will then take the insurance company’s calls, answer their emails, and provide the documentation they require. All you have to do is collect your money, pay for your new roof, and maybe invest in some earplugs.

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Hail damage claims depend not on just whether hail damage exists, but how bad the damage is, and how to remedy the damage. Remember, the insurance adjuster sent by your insurance company works for them, not for you. At Pro Public Adjusters in the Philadelphia area, our insurance settlement experts work for you. We don’t have any quotas or predetermined checklists. We have only one goal: to get the best insurance payout for your claim.