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You pay good money for your insurance policy, and probably have been doing so for many years. You should expect that when the time comes, your insurance company will take care of you. But the truth is, insurance companies don’t always pay the maximum amount when you need to file a claim. Fortunately, our claims adjusters in the Philadelphia area can help ensure that you get the largest insurance settlement you deserve.

What We Do

At Pro Public Adjusters, we handle everything for your claim from beginning to end. We’ll make the proper notification of loss to your insurance company. Then, we will evaluate the damages to your home and review your insurance coverage. With this information, we use our expertise to create an estimate on your behalf and then work directly with your insurance company, including filing all paperwork and gathering all necessary documentation. Instead of worrying about your claim, you can get on with repairing your home with the help of our claims adjusters in the Philadelphia area.

Why a Public Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance companies often treat every fire, flood, and wind damage situation like all the rest. However, your claim is not like all the other claims. Your claim is specific to you and your situation. A public insurance adjuster works for you to find every dollar you are owed, rather than just checking all the boxes.

What Does an Insurance Adjuster Cost?

For most people, coming up with money to pay for unexpected expenses after a catastrophe is too much of a burden. When you’ve been impacted by a devastating event that caused damage to your home, you’ve got enough to deal with. That’s why Pro Insurance Adjusters works without any upfront cost to you. Serving the Philadelphia area, our claims adjusters’ pay is based upon a percentage of the settlement you receive from the insurance company. You can be assured we are on your side, working to get you the most for your claim, because when you are fairly compensated, so are we.

Water Damage

One of the most frequent types of property loss is water damage. Water damage can be caused by storms, rains and hurricanes and can cause irreparable damage to the foundation and entire structure. Our flooding claims adjusters in the Philadelphia area can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fires in your home can cause extensive damage and are particularly dangerous. Most insurance companies cover smoke and fire damage. Serving Philadelphia, our fire damage claims adjusters are available to assist you if this is something that you require.

Frozen Pipes

If the temperature drops below freezing, pipes can freeze in buildings that are open to the elements. When pipes have water in them, they expand which can cause the pipe to burst and cause water damage and flooding.

Wind Damage

Roof shingles may be damaged by high winds or even removed completely from your roof. Water may seep through the roof and walls of your home without you being aware of any additional damages. If you live in the Philadelphia area, our property damage claims adjusters can help guide you through the tedious process of filing an insurance claim for roof damage.

Denied or Underpaid Claims

Insurance companies are known for underpaying or refusing to cover incurred damage. You can open denied and underpaid claims against your insurance company. Our team of Pro Public Adjusters can help you get the money that’s rightfully yours.

Hail Damage

Hailstorms are a common cause of severe damage to commercial and residential buildings. The impact marks are what our adjusters use to assess damage. This is how insurance companies will decide if they approve or deny your replacement roof, siding or gutters.

Free Consultation

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When you file an insurance claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to create an estimate of the covered damages. This adjuster works for the insurance company. The insurance company will use their adjuster’s estimate to create a settlement offer. Who in this process is working for you? Who can find the documentation you need to substantiate your claim and ensure that all damages show up on the estimate? We can. Our public adjusters work for you.