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Understanding the extent of water and flood damage can be tricky. Oftentimes, water damage may not be immediately visible. For example, wood or drywall that got wet may appear undamaged by the time waters recede, but with time, harmful mold and rot can wreak havoc. In addition, water and flooding damage are often limited by insurance policies in ways that fire or wind damage may not be. In cases like these, you need a professional with the experience to look beyond what is easily visible on the surface. Our flood insurance claim experts serve Philadelphia and the surrounding communities.

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If your insurance policy covers water or flood damage, there are many requirements to ensure you receive the maximum payout from your insurance company. First, you must list and value all of the covered goods and possessions in your home. Not everything is easily replaceable, and the insurance company’s idea of “equivalent” might not be realistic. Beyond your home’s possessions, water damage can affect your home’s construction and stability, often in ways that are difficult to detect to the untrained eye. Contact our Philadelphia based water damage insurance adjusters to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Water & Flood Damage

When it comes to water and flood damage, sometimes the biggest obstacle is getting the insurance company to agree that the water damage was covered by your policy. Since many policies specifically exclude flood damage, it is vital that you have an expert willing to verify what damage was caused by covered water damage versus what damage may have been caused by uncovered flooding.

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The trauma from your home being damaged by water or flooding is enough to deal with. Having to constantly reply to your insurance company with receipts, documentation, and photographs can make things even harder. As a homeowner with little to no experience with water damage, how do you decide if something is damaged, destroyed, or just wet? Our Philadelphia based water damage insurance adjusters will handle everything for you, from the initial estimate and supporting documentation to negotiating a final settlement. While we take care of the water damage, you can work on getting your life back together.

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A free consultation from the public adjusters at Pro Public Adjusters is an important step to ensure that your insurance policy payout actually reimburses all of the covered damage. The adjuster from the insurance company may not be trained to examine all of the details our adjusters will look for. Water damage can remain hidden for years if not specifically sought out. Serving Philadelphia, our flood insurance claim specialists will work for your best interests.