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You pay the insurance company premiums so that when you have a claim, the insurance company will pay you what you need to get back on your feet. Unfortunately, insurance companies are businesses, and businesses must make profits. Insurance companies protect their profits by denying claims whenever they can be denied. When your claim is denied, it can feel like you have no options. Fortunately, you always have at least one option: Call Pro Public Adjusters. Our Philadelphia based insurance negotiators can look at your claim and provide insight and recommendations for pushing back when your claim has been denied or underpaid.

Policy Review

Like most legal documents, an insurance policy is a sea of jargon, technicalities, and legalese. Reviewing your insurance policy can be like wading through word soup. Fortunately, our experts have experience in more than just valuing your claim. We are experienced in all of the ins and outs of insurance policies. Serving clients in the Tri-State Area, including in Philadelphia, our insurance negotiators can review your policy and see if a mistake was made in your denial. From there, we will determine in what ways your claim may be valid.

Fighting for You

Unfortunately, when it comes to filing an insurance claim, every professional you’re working with works for the insurance company. The only amateur is you, because you probably have a professional life beyond insurance claims. If your homeowners claim was denied, our Philadelphia based adjusters can help. At Pro Public Adjusters, we are professionals who work for you, not the insurance company. With no up-front cost to you, we will handle everything from filing your appeal to supplying all the documentation and estimates needed to get your claim approved.

Get What You Deserve

An insurance policy is a big expense over the lifetime of premium payments. It is only fair that when the time comes for the insurance company to pay a claim for you, they hold up their end of the bargain. With our Philadelphia based insurance negotiators working on your side, you can count on getting everything you deserve.

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If your valid claim was denied, it was likely because the insurance adjuster the company sent did not properly assess the damage and its causes, because they are fitting your claim into the insurance company’s mold. Your best hope is a second opinion from a trained public insurance adjuster who will review the data, make an accurate conclusion, and produce the proper documentation. Contact us to learn more about how we can resolve your denied homeowners insurance claim. We serve Philadelphia and the surrounding areas