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Frozen pipes can be a big problem for many homeowners. Fortunately, most homeowners insurance will cover frozen pipes and the damage that results so long as the damage was sudden and unforeseen. However, just because your frozen pipes are covered, doesn’t mean that the insurance company will give you the maximum payout you are entitled to under your policy. Valuing the cost of repairing some plumbing is the easy part. Ensuring that everything harmed by the frozen pipe’s aftermath is more difficult. That’s where our Philadelphia based claims appraisers can step in.

Seeing the Big Picture

Frozen pipes may be a quick and easy repair if the problem was noticed quickly enough and the water shut off immediately. Even in such simple cases, the second opinion of a public insurance adjuster is valuable. When frozen pipes go undetected, or in a worst-case scenario the water shutoff itself was frozen, the resulting damage can be significant. In these cases, a public insurance adjuster can ensure that no stone goes unturned.

Frozen Pipe Claims

Frozen pipe insurance​ claims in the Philadelphia area usually require extensive documentation. Insurance companies prefer the simplest and cheapest repairs, but that might not be the ideal solution for you. Having experience with plumbing and insurance policies and procedures is critical to ensure that you get the full amount you are entitled to. Our Philadelphia based claims appraisers will handle your claim from beginning to end, so you can focus on getting your pipes repaired and your home back in order.

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To determine how much damage was done, the insurance company will send out an adjuster. That adjuster will inventory the damage and create an estimate for the insurance company. Unfortunately, that adjuster works for the insurance company—not you. Their goals are the insurance company’s goals. You need someone looking out for you. Our Philadelphia based claims appraisers will double-check the insurance company’s adjuster’s estimate, find anything they missed, and ensure the value attached to your offer makes sense.